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Christmas Decorations

Christmas Add-on

Christmas add-on services are a convenient way to ensure that every room in your home is decked out in festive decor. Whether you want to enhance your kitchen, bedroom, or bathroom, these services can provide you with a variety of holiday-themed items to create a cohesive and joyful atmosphere throughout your living space during the Christmas season.

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Kitchen Decor

Transform your kitchen into a festive haven with our carefully curated add-ons. 

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Bedroom Decor

Create a cozy and enchanting bedroom this Christmas with our specially selected add-ons. 

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Bathroom Decor

Give your bathroom a touch of holiday magic with our bathroom decor add-ons. 

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Kitchen Decor

This category includes items like cookie jars, towels, oven mitts, trays, mugs, tiered stands, aprons, dishes, utensil holders, and signs, all designed to add a festive touch to your kitchen. These items help create a cozy and welcoming cooking and dining space during the holidays.


Bedroom Decor

These add-on services offer items such as Christmas comforters, throw pillows, mini Christmas trees, blankets, sheets, door wreaths, rugs, and decorative figurines. They aim to transform your bedroom into a warm and festive sanctuary where you can relax and enjoy the holiday season.


Bathroom Decor

For the bathroom, these services provide Christmas bath towels, hand towels, wall art, bath rugs, scented candles, soap dispensers, shower curtains, tissue dispensers, toilet rugs, and toilet brushes. These items are intended to bring the holiday spirit to your personal hygiene space, making it feel more welcoming and cheerful.

Make this Christmas truly special by booking our services today and let the joy of the season shine brightly in your home.

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