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If life is only a passage, on this passage at least let us sow flowers.

Michel de Montaigne


Champagne and Macarons Events is a Toronto-based French savoir-faire boutique event planner that specializes in event planning services for couples who desire to get married or celebrate their special event locally or abroad. Our team of experts is here to ensure a stress-free planning process and most importantly, during your special day.


We know how busy your schedule might be and you just want to enjoy the journey leading to your event, so we are here to design and coordinate everything on your behalf so that you have peace of mind.


Whether you want a simple, traditional, romantic, elegant, intimate wedding, it will be fun, relaxed, authentic, and most importantly it will showcase your personalities.


Champagne and Macarons Events offers services for civil, cultural, eco-friendly, non-religious, and religious weddings.

Our mantra is “Actions speak louder than words” so let us show you our commitment to achieving the best results for your memorable occasion.

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Photography by Timeless Paris

Karine Copur
Founder & Creative Director

Fun Facts & Highlights

  • I lived in 3 countries. I was born and raised in Paris, France. I moved to Los Angeles on my own in my early twenties & studied at UCLA. I now live in Toronto, Canada

  • I speak 5 languages and I love traveling. So far, I have been to several countries in Europe, Western Asia, Egypt, North America, the Caribbean, and French Polynesia

  • I met many celebrities and even flew with one without even knowing it!

  • I am WPIC-certified as a wedding coordinator and a destination wedding specialist

  • I planned my own wedding in Paris, France

  • I am regularly participating in industry-related conferences to keep myself up to date with new trends

  • Before I was a wedding planner, I worked in different industries such as travel, banking, news monitoring, software development, market research

  • When I am not working, I love hiking, reading books, baking French pastries, and go wine tasting (anywhere)


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